A custom design for your team. Custom-built for each player.

Team/Organization Hockey Sticks:

Top Hand Hockey’s team hockey sticks serve as an extension of a hockey team’s uniforms. Your team will look sharp while enjoying the top-shelf quality of our professionally designed and custom-built hockey sticks.

Top Hand Hockey offers a ton of customization options and each player’s stick is custom-built to their desired specifications. Each player on your roster will have the stick he/she wants.

Team sticks are perfect for teams of all ages and levels, beer league/adult recreational teams, and full organizations. They’re great for fundraisers!

Got a new player joining your team? No problem, you can re-order any time!

Custom Hockey Sticks:

Want to put your company’s brand on some sticks? Running a tournament? Need custom sticks for a fundraiser? Building a bar and need some killer sticks to hang on the wall? Want a golden stick to hand out to your team’s MVP or to hand to league champions? What about gifts for your wedding party, family, teammates, or coaches? We can professionally design and custom build sticks for all occasions and needs.

The Process:

Top Hand Hockey makes the process as simple as possible. Orders can be submitted at once by submitting an form or we can set up a custom order page specifically for your players to purchase their sticks individually online. The typical process goes something like this:

  1. You: Drop us a line (E-mail us or use the form to the right)
  2. You: Review the estimate we send you and submit your order/we set up your custom order page
  3. THH: Sticks are custom designed
  4. THH: Sticks are manufactured — constructed, painted, decaled, and finished
  5. THH: Each stick is inspected for quality
  6. THH: Sticks are shipped to your door, rink, or other preferred location
  7. You: Score some goals

Customization Options:

Every player on your roster can customize his/her own stick in a ton of ways. That means, every player can have the stick they want — with his/her preferred curve, finish, flex, kick-point, and other specifications. Here are the customization options:

Based on your ideas, feedback, requirements, and existing logos or artwork, Top Hand Hockey will professionally design a stick for your team, organization, or occasion. Every player on your roster will have the same design, but each player can customize their stick by adding special features like raised grip and player name and number.
Not every player on a roster is the same size. Each player can decide which size stick they want. They can choose from Junior (50″), Intermediate (55″) or Senior (60″).
Because some players prefer a heavier twig or would like to save some money, Top Hand Hockey offers 2 options for each size stick: Light-weight and average. Each player will get to choose their preferred weight. Stick weight varies based on design, features, size, and etc.
  • Junior: 335 grams (lightweight) or 375 grams (average)
  • Intermediate: 400 grams (lightweight) or 530 grams (average)
  • Senior: 415 grams (lightweight) or 535 grams (average)

Average-weight sticks are typically 20% cheaper on average.

We offer multiple grip options including full grip (sprayed on), light grip (sprayed on), fully matte/no grip, and raised grip. Each player gets to decide whether their stick will be tacky or sleek.
Top Hand Hockey offers 5 curves for Senior/Intermediate sticks and 1 (the most popular) curve for Junior sticks.

Top Hand Hockey offers a bunch of flex options. Players can choose the flex that fits their size and style of play.
  • Junior: 45, 50, 52
  • Intermeidate: 60, 67, 70
  • Senior: 70, 77, 87, 102, 112
Whether you shoot bombs from the point or prefer a quick snipe, Top Hand Hockey can custom-build a stick that’s right for each player. Choose between a low kick-point (great for quick snappers and wristers) or a mid kick-point (perfect for ripping slapshots).


E-mail us or fill out the form below and we’ll drop you a reply within a day with pricing and more information. The whole process is pretty easy!

Note: Custom and team stick prices vary depending on features, design requirements, quantity, and etc. We highly recommend orders of 6 or more in order to keep the price per stick lower.




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